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  • Compliance-Championship-Program Whistleblowing & Speak-Up

    for industrial and technology companies, and public and health care organisations.

How much credit does your organisation merit?

The most robust Code of Conduct and Compliance Policies can create internal resistance. The commitment to the compliance rules often fades if the compliance framework is perceived to slow down operations and inhibit growth. But there is not much choice left as prosecutors respond worldwide to this dilemma very clearly: organisations with ineffective compliance programs don't merit much credit. Therefore no sustainable growth is possible without a clear commitment to Compliance rules.

Trust matters!

Compliance with various local and international regulatory requirements means more than protecting the company's reputation, preventing fines & personal and corporate liability. 88% of institutional investors expect organisations to consider ESG goals with the same level of scrutiny as operational and financial plans. Adhering to international sanctions, complying with anti-bribery laws, combatting terrorism financing and money laundry, committing to protecting human rights, prohibiting child labour within their lines of business and treating employees with respect and zero tolerance against any form of harassment are the only road to creating trust in people and products of an organisation. Trust truly matters to everyone, including regulators, clients and suppliers, banks and investors, employees, and trade unions.

New Era of Compliance & Ethics

There is no other road to creating trust than expecting everyone, the board members, management and all employees of an organisation to take ethics seriously. Effective compliance programs need leadership as employees only follow compliance rules if leaders consistently and transparently respect ethical values. Nowadays, employees require their CEOs to speak up and position themselves against compliance issues and misconduct like inequality and diversity and act upon climate change. Therefore, ethical organisations challenge their commitment to ethical values by regularly reviewing the compliance framework's efficiency and reliability.

Compliance Crisis and external Scandals

Organisations that face scandals caused by a compliance failure like corruption, bribery or harassment have little or no control over compliance procedures. There is also usually an unclear corporate governance framework resulting in weak controls, conflict of interest and a lack of a Speak-Up culture.

Mature Speak-up culture & Whistleblowing

A mature speak-up culture depends on the level of integrity of the leaders of the organisation, who consider transparency the only way to create trust and growth within an organisation. Reporting non-adherence to internal rules or laws and regulations should therefore be considered as a chance to uncover unnoticed risks to operations and growth. A whistleblower report can protect company assets and prevent a scandal
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